The Smart Roller Mill Double used in grain, cereals and food processing plants in the grinding unit. Smart Roller Mill Double is when it used for wheat convert to flour incoming wheat from cleaning units with fully compressed air system machine.



- The chassis of the rolling machine body is made of steel sheet construction, and the lower chassis was made on a drilling and boring machine to ensure accurate parallelism of the shafts.

- To absorb the vibration, rubber rovings are placed under the bearing rails.

- The characteristics of the roller balls mounted on the machine vary according to the diagram and are determined according to the purpose of obtaining the desired flour yield from the factory.

- The controls of getting Closer and Away from each other of the rollers on the roller mill machine are carried out with the help of air-stimulated valves.

- Depending on the quantity of the incoming product, the valves are stimulated and the pistons are closed and the pellet balls are activated.

- The amount of the product can be adjusted thanks to the curtain on the bead balls and the curtain flow is provided between the roller balls and this setting can be done digitally.

- The cleaning of the roller balls is done by means of the brushes at the bottom and the product is prevented from sticking to the ball.

- As soon as the product flow is over, the stimulating valve moves again to move the pistons to release the balls and to stop the particles.

- The parallel adjustment of the balls can be precisely adjusted from the front adjustment arms.

- Precision adjustment part can be adjusted more easily by gear mechanism. (Patented adjustment mechanism)

- The amperage of the machine during operation can be seen from the ammeter on the digital panel.

- The product is made of mica material and is transparent, so that the product flow can be seen easily.
- Long life and Durable

- Low energy consumption

- High throughput capacity

- Quick and easy installation

- Low maintenance

- Hygienic working system- Double rollers come to the forefront with the area covered and the amount of wheat ground


  • Food processing industries
  • Flour mills
  • Semolina mills
  • Wheat, rye, oat, barley and corn processing facilities
  • Maize mills


The wheat from the waltz accumulates at the entrance of the product. The occupancy rate of the product entry is determined by the sensor.

When the product entry reaches a certain occupancy rate, the grain system starts to operate. The grain evenly distributes wheat to the mill rollers. The milled wheat mill is conveyed to the next process.





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