What do we offer to our distributors?

• We provide you with our turnkey factory installation services consisting of the highest quality and sturdy machines and spare parts support and sales opportunities.
• We provide you with free trainings on many subjects for strong entry to sector including sectoral information sales, installation and technical service.
• We provide all kinds of technical documents and technical support in order to solve the problems of your customers.
• We provide sales support by directing requests from the regions directly to our distributors.
• We support pre-feasibility studies in factory installations.
• We provide free technical support to answer your customers' questions in the best way.
• We organize meetings between distributors to encourage experience, information sharing and cooperation.
• We include our distributors in the success-oriented reward program.

What do we expect from our distributors?

• Our distributor candidates must have a company in the relevant country and have sufficient sales and marketing equipment.
• Providing fast and high quality service to your customers.
• Customer requests are met in the best way and If need support is notified as soon as necessary.
• To serve the customer as worthily Milltech brand and to protect the brand image to the maximum level.
• Best follow-up of trainings in the beginning and in the process.
• Fill in the following Distributorship Application Form for participation in our distributorship system and information meetings.





Hundreds of products meet you with the difference and quality of MILLTECH, one of the best brands of the World.

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