The Automatic Packing used in the cooling and packaging units for feed facilities. Automatic Packing allows the final product to be packaged in any desired size.



- It varies from 12 tons / hour to 20 tons / hour depending on the product to be bagged and the desired tolerance. (+ -50gr. With a mean margin of error per bucket, it is commited to work with 15ton / hour capacity in flour or products of the same character.)

- Long life and Durable

- Low energy consumption

- High throughput capacity

- Quick and easy installation

- Low maintenance

- Hygienic working system

- Set value can be programmed separately by the user.

- The weight display screen is 4 digits.

- There are two programmable set values ​​in the system. And the filling weight of these values ​​can be entered separately. The program for the transition to slow speed is determined and adapted by the system to make the most precise and fast weighing. Optimum speed adjustment is made automatically according to weighed flour type and silo level.

- Upper or lower tolerances can be programmed separately. Out of these tolerances, the weighing result is not reduced from the weighing bunker to the sack without operator information and intervention.

- The recommended bag size for high capacity bagging is 65 x 95 cm.

- Before the bagging process starts, how many bags are filled. The number of bags required during bagging can be changed. The system can also be stopped before the system reaches its value. Or the desired number can be resumed. The number of bags to be bagged during filling may also be displayed.

- The total number of bags bagged from the moment of reset can be displayed when requested.

- Total net bagging time can be displayed when requested from zero.

- The level is automatically controlled by the system with the level sensors in the regulation chamber.

- With the PLC unit in the system, the operator is informed about the opening and closing faults by obtaining information from the mechanical cover and sensors.


  • Food processing industries
  • Flour mills
  • Semolina mills
  • Seed cleaning plants
  • Grain cleaning and calibration centers
  • Malt factories
  • Feed mills
  • Grain storage silos
  • Other similar industrial facilities
  • Maize mills


The weighing process is carried out by one or two weighing units installed together. Once the weighing process has been carried out, the weighing unit will not open the covers and wait until a warning is received from the bag hold switch. After receiving a warning, the caps are opened and the weighed flour is poured into the bag. The bag is moved to the conveyor belt after filling is completed and its mouth is automatically sewn. The machine speed is adjusted according to the product type and bag size.

Additional length can be provided depending on customer's requirement. The automatic or semi-automatic thread trimming sewing machine is mounted on an integrated column on the conveyor belt. All operations of the machine are controlled by PLC program. The values from the load compartments are evaluated by an advanced weighing module. Fully electronic weighing, discharging, bag handling and other operations are managed by an inspection program.





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